Family-Centered Approach

Family-Centered Treatment

Research demonstrates that treatment, recovery, and family well-being outcomes improve when the complex needs of each family member are met through supportive services such as parenting programs, children’s developmental and therapeutic services, and attachment-based family therapeutic services. A family-centered approach extends well beyond the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment system, child welfare system, courts, and mental health services, and includes all other agencies and individuals who interact with and serve families. A family-centered approach to SUD treatment provides a comprehensive array of clinical treatment and related support services that meet the needs of each family member, not just the individual requesting care.

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    • Implementing a Family-Centered Approach

      National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare, 2021

      To help communities move toward family-centered care, the NCSACW prepared a three-part series of companion modules on implementing a family-centered approach. This series is designed for state, county, and agency-level collaborative partners that are working together to improve systems, services, and outcomes for children and families affected by SUDs.

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