Engagement and Retention

Engagement and Retention

Timely access to treatment services is critical for engagement and retention of high-risk families who are affected by substance use disorders and are involved with child welfare services. Engagement and retention are important for the parents and children to ensure family safety, permanency, well-being, and recovery. Parents often face many obstacles during the treatment and recovery process. Consequently, child welfare professionals, treatment agencies, juvenile and family court personnel, family treatment court providers, recovery coaches or mentors, and family advocates play an integral role in removing barriers to treatment access and completion; providing active support and ensuring that needs are met as families move through the recovery process.

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    • Referral and Engagement of Parents in Services Technical Assistance Brief
      Referral and Engagement of Parents in Services Technical Assistance Brief(PDF 3.9 MB)

      National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare, 2020

      This Regional Partnership Grant Technical Assistance Brief presents four key strategies that grantees and programs can use to ensure that families are referred to and engaged in substance use disorder treatment and other services and supports. Early engagement of families has been shown to enable them to successfully complete program services.

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