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Regional Partnership GrantsOn October 2, 2014, the Administration for Child, Youth, and Families’ (ACYF) Children’s Bureau awarded a third round of new 5-year RPGs (RPG III) to 4 partnerships in 4 states. Similar to the round one and two regional partnership grantees, this new cohort will implement varied interventions, such as family drug courts, comprehensive substance abuse treatment, or in-home parenting and child safety support for families. Grantees will:

  • Use evidence-based or evidence informed programs or strategies that are also trauma-informed to provide services to the target populations they select
  • Address child well-being along with the more traditional goals of safety and permanency as part of their selected strategy or program
  • Conduct an evaluation sufficiently rigorous to contribute to the evidence base on service delivery and outcomes associated with their chosen interventions
  • Participate in the national cross-site evaluation, and collect and report performance and evaluation measures to increase the knowledge that can be gained from the RPG program

RPG Programmatic Technical Assistance

In addition to the national evaluation the reauthorization language requires technical assistance to be provided to grantees to support implementation and operation of their programs. The Center for Children and Family Futures of Irvine, CA with subcontractor ICF International was awarded the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) contract. The NCSACW, funded by an intra-agency agreement between the Administration for Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF)/Children’s Bureau and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)/Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, is providing programmatic technical assistance to the RPGs on a variety of topics, including collaborative practice and policy, program sustainability, trauma-informed services, evidence-based and evidence-informed services to children, treatment and recovery support services, and family-centered substance abuse intervention and treatment practices for women and families.

RPG National Cross-Site Evaluation and Evaluation-Related Technical Assistance

Building on the existing cross-site evaluation for RPG II Grantees, the five-year cross-site evaluation of the RPG III grantees will:

  1. review proposed RPG programs, evidence-based practices, and evaluation designs;
  2. provide evaluation-related technical assistance to strengthen grantee’s local evaluations and support their participation in the national cross-site evaluation;
  3. collect performance measures from grantees and report to Congress on their progress; an
  4. conduct a cross-site evaluation to provide information on the effectiveness of RPG programs.

The work to be done with the RPG III grantees is expected to mirror the activity described in the RPG II evaluation design.


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