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Project Description

Iowa Three partners - Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc., the Iowa Department of Human Services-Sioux City Region and Juvenile Court Services-Third Judicial District - collaborated to build regional capacity in rural northwest Iowa. These three partners collaborated to increase access, availability and outreach to programs and services to increase the well-being of, permanency outcomes for, and enhance the safety of children who are in out-of-home or at risk of placement as a result of parent’s or caretakers methamphetamine or other substance use.

Target Population

Parent Partners of NW Iowa Program targeted:

  • Children living within the nine counties in rural Northwest Iowa (Buena Vista, Cherokee, Clay, Dickinson, Lyon, O’Brien, Osceola, Plymouth, and Sioux) who are in, or at-risk for an out-of-home placement due to methamphetamine or other substances by a parent/caretaker.

Major Project Goals

  • Build Capacity: To demonstrate the organizational capacity to lead and champion a regional partnership to meet a broad range of children’s needs for families involved in both the child welfare and the substance abuse systems.
  • Engage Parents: To offer an organizational environment that supports parent mentoring to assist other parents to navigate the child welfare system.
  • Integrate Services: To have increased capacity to support the individualized and diverse needs of families involved in the child welfare and substance abuse systems.

Key Major Program Services

Case Management and In-Home Services

  • Traditional Case Management
  • Family Group Decision Making
  • Wraparound/Intensive In-Home Services

Parenting/Family Strengthening

  • Enhanced Parenting
  • Evidence-Based Parenting or Family Strengthening Program - Strengthening Families Program

Visitation Services

  • Supervised Visitation
  • Supportive Supervised Visitation

Mental Health and Trauma Services for Adults

  • Trauma Informed Services

Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults

  • Intensive Outpatient - Matrix Model
  • Aftercare/Continuing Care/Recovery Community Support Services

Specialized Outreach, Engagement and Retention

  • Cognitive Behavioral Strategies - Motivational Interviewing/Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Peer/Parent Mentor
  • Co-located/Out Stationed Staff

Other Major Program Strategies

  • Employment and Professional Development for Parent Partners

Partner Agencies and Organizations

The Parent Partners of NW Iowa Program Project includes the following partners:

Child Welfare

  • Regional/County Child Welfare Agency
  • Child Welfare Services Provider

Substance Abuse

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Agency/Provider(s)


  • Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC)

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Legal and Related Organizations

  • Drug Endangered Children (DEC)

Other Community and Child and Family Services

  • Peer/Parent/Mentor Group or network

Other Evaluation and Training

  • Evaluator (University or Affiliated or Other)
  • Consultant/Training


  • Other State/County Agency (State Accreditation Technical Assistant)

Sustainability Status

Funds were secured to continue Parent Partner mentoring services on a part-time basis in eight counties in FY 2012-2013. The site anticipates obtaining a permanent funding stream from the state Parent Partner rollout in FY 2013-2014.

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Project Details

  • Lead Agency:
    Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc.
  • Geographic Area and Congressional District Served:
    Sioux City Region; Congressional District 5
  • Federal Grant:
    $500,000/5 years
  • Evaluation Design and Comparison Group Type:
    Quasi-experimental, Same-Time, Matched Case-Level
  • Proposed Number Served (5 years):
    Children: 389
    Adults: 267
    Families: 201
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