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Project Description

Georgia Project Ready, Set, Go! (PRSG) was implemented by the Juvenile Justice Fund (JJF) in collaboration with the Family Drug Court Program located in Fulton County, GA. Serving as a supportive service agency to Family Drug Court participants, PRSG was physically located in a space referred to as the “permanency center.” PRSG staff utilized motivational interviewing as a method to continuously engage and assess clients’ needs and provide referrals to appropriate service providers.

Target Population

PRSG targeted:

  • Addicted women who have children who have been maltreated or are “at risk” for maltreatment

Major Project Goals

  • Ensuring that children are protected from abuse and neglect;
  • Procuring permanency and stability in the living situation of children;
  • Affirming that families have the enhanced capacity to provide for their children’s needs, that the education, physical and mental health of the children are met and that children have the opportunity for healthy social and emotional development;
  • Acquiring new or increased abilities to address the complex and compounding issues related to parental/caretakers’ substance abuse and its effect on children.

Key Major Program Services

Case Management and In-Home Services

  • Intensive Case Management

Family Therapy/Counseling Specialized Outreach, Engagement and Retention

  • Cognitive Behavioral Strategies – Motivational Interviewing
  • Recovery Coach/Specialist
  • Co-location of Staff

Family-Centered Substance Abuse Treatment/Services Screening and Assessment – Substance Use and Other Adult Issues

  • Specialized Screening and Assessment – Trauma, Domestic Violence

Mental Health and Trauma Services for Adults

  • Mental Health Services
  • Trauma Informed Services

Partner Agencies and Organizations

The PRSG Project includes the following partners:

Community-Based Family Services

  • Atlanta Fulton – Family Connection Volunteer Lawyers Court Appointed Special Advocates

Child Welfare

  • Department of Family and Children Services

Substance Abuse

  • Fulton County Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases
  • Mary Hall Freedom House
  • Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences
  • St. Jude’s Recovery Center
  • Odyssey Family Counseling Center
  • My Sister’s House
  • Fulton County Center for Hope and Rehabilitation


  • Literacy Action


  • Advocates International Inc.
  • Department of Family and Children Services
  • Atlanta Housing Authority


  • Fulton County Juvenile and Family Drug Court

Mental Health

  • Fulton County Department of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases


  • Atlanta Workforce Development

Other Community and Child and Family Services

  • Atlanta Fulton-Family Connection
  • Volunteer Lawyers Court Appointed Special Advocates


  • Juvenile Justice Fund

Performance Indicators


Supportive Services: After successfully completing PRSG, a total of 48 families voluntarily entered aftercare services. PRSG expanded its aftercare program from a single psycho-educational group session held twice a month to a variety of alumni activities to engage and meet the interest and needs of the diverse participants graduating from PRSG.

Systems Collaboration

Cross-system collaboration: Data collected and analyzed over the course of five years suggested a growing partnership between JJF and Fulton County Juvenile Court as evidenced by an increase in engagement, participation and service delivery among participants enrolled in PRSG.

Sustainability Status

While the project was unable to sustain the social service agency, PRSG clients received supportive services onsite through the FDC. The FDC was able to sustain key components of the PRSG program including psycho-educational group sessions, case management and aftercare support. In addition, the FDC was able to obtain funding for human resources as a key need for the aftercare program. Funding was also obtained from Fulton County for a part-time clinician that will be used with aftercare and FDC.

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Project Details

  • Lead Agency:
    Juvenile Justice Fund
  • Geographic Area and Congressional District Served:
    Fulton County; Congressional District 5
  • Federal Grant:
    $500,000/5 years (2007-2012)
  • Evaluation Design and Comparison Group Type:
    Quasi-experimental, Same-Time, Matched Population-Level
  • Proposed Number Served (5 years):
    Children: 312
    Adults: 125
    Families: 125
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