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The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) provides In-Depth Technical Assistance (IDTA) to a few selected sites. NCSACW works with these selected sites to develop a Scope of Work for the in-depth technical assistance that includes working with the substance abuse, child welfare and court systems, as well as local tribes, to increase their collaboration and strategic plans for working together.

NCSACW's Consultant Liaisons facilitate the development of a strategic plan tailored to the needs of each State or Tribe, identifying and bringing in additional technical assistance as needed by the site, and assist the site in the implementation of the plan. NCSACW will study the progress and barriers learned in each site with the aim of broadly disseminating the lessons learned so as to further the collaborative efforts and linkages among alcohol and other drug services, child welfare, family courts and tribes.

Federal and State Funding InventoryKentuckyStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityAttachment
Cost-Resource AnalysisLos Angeles County, CACountyBudget, Funding and SustainabilityAttachment
CJI-AOD Recommendations for SustainabilityMinnesotaStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityContact Us
Funding MemoNebraskaStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityContact Us
Medicaid MemoNebraskaStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityContact Us
Cross-System Shared Data InventoryNew JerseyStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityAttachment
Summary of Strategic RecommendationsNew YorkStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityContact Us
Texas Partnership for Family Recovery, Marketing and Sustainability PlanTexasStateBudget, Funding and SustainabilityAttachment

To access any of the resources without an attachment, please contact NCSACW.

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