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Nebraska The Nebraska IDTA Project involved the Nebraska Supreme Court, the Division of Children and Family Services, the Division of Behavioral Health, Medicaid and Long-Term Care, and the Division of Public Health. The partnership sought to achieve systems efficiency and improve coordination to maximize individual and family recovery to ensure child safety, permanency and well-being.

The state has experienced significant systems changes as a result of the IDTA, including earlier and more accurate identification of parental or caregiver substance use; more timely referrals and increased access to substance use treatment for child welfare involved families; and increased collaborative practice, including joint policy development and data sharing. The following summarize the major accomplishments and products of the IDTA:

  • Field of Dreams Treatment Manual

    Outlines a family treatment model that was designed for implementation in Sidney and Omaha counties. The manual includes admission criteria, an application, and an authorization for release of information.

  • Funding Memo

    A funding policy that maximizes state funds, clarifies payment source and expedites parental access to treatment.

  • Medicaid Memo

    A formal policy memo on continuation of Medicaid benefits in situations in which children have been placed in out-of-home care. The memo assisted in the facilitation of timely access to treatment.

  • NE Response to Substance Abusing Parents in Child Welfare (PDF 1.51 MB)

    An in-depth study of 400 randomly selected child welfare cases undertaken by the Nebraska Court Improvement Project, establishing a number of important Nebraska-specific baselines and facilitating cross-system data sharing practices. Baselines include prevalence of substance use in the child welfare caseload, prevalence of co-occurring issues, and median time to substance use assessment and treatment.

  • NE Shared Principles and Draft Protocol

    Summarizes shared principles across the systems in working with families affected by substance use disorders. Provides a recommended protocol in identifying substance use issues during the child welfare hotline call and initial assessment.

  • NE System Flow Chart (PDF 113 KB)

    A walk-through analysis that outlined Nebraska's process of screening hotline reports for substance use, steps that occur to facilitate assessment and treatment of the substance-affected parents and their children, and the family's progression through each system. Used to inform the development of the cross-system protocol.

  • UNCOPE Memo

    Describes a substance abuse screening policy to be completed during the initial safety and risk assessment with all adults in child abuse and neglect cases.

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