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Kentucky The Kentucky IDTA Project involved the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental and Individual Disabilities, Cabinet for Health and Family Services; the Department of Community Based Services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services; and the Department of Family and Juvenile Services, Administrative Office of the Courts who sought to build a sustainable, family-focused, integrated system that will strengthen, stabilize and unify families with co-occurring parental substance use disorders and child maltreatment who are involved with the courts. The following summarize the major accomplishments and products of the IDTA:

  • Data and Information Sharing Desk Guide (PDF 459 KB)

    Guidance for each system on what information can be shared, how information can be shared and a summary of Federal and State laws confidentiality laws.

  • Drug Testing White Paper (PDF 109 KB)

    Provides basic information on drug testing, as well as considerations and recommendations, including guidelines on the use of drug test results, other indicators of substance use, considerations for determination of risk when a parent tests positive for prescription medications, including those prescribed for Medication Assisted Treatment. A draft companion desk guide has been developed, with a bench guide under consideration.

  • Federal and State Funding Inventory (PDF 173 KB)

    A summary of federal, state and local funding sources relevant to the three systems in Kentucky.

  • Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 149 KB)

    Proposes permanent placement of the IDTA work in the State Interagency Council (SIAC), thus institutionalizing collaborative decision-making and practice across the three agencies. The MOU is currently under review and includes next steps to continue the data sharing efforts.

  • Practice Guide

    Guidelines for daily practice in screening, assessment and information sharing across the three systems. The guide is undergoing final review.

  • Regional Forums on Substance Abuse and Child Maltreatment (PDF 199 KB)

    A summary of 15 regional forums throughout the state to engage state and local level leaders in examining and understanding the needs and capacity of each region to serve families who intersect all three systems.

  • Statement of Values and Principles (PDF 289 KB)

    Developed through extensive involvement of stakeholders, including participants of the regional forums. The statement outlines the operating values and principles of the partnership. It is considered the foundation and guide for improving service coordination between the three agencies. The statement was issued in May 2012 to all participants in the regional forums and included guidance on how it could be used to promote discussion about current practices.

  • Statewide Training Inventory (PDF 83.5 KB)

    A summary of the current trainings relevant to the three systems in Kentucky.

  • Universal Screening

    The state piloted universal screening for parental or caregiver substance use in seven child welfare service areas and is currently evaluating the results of the pilot to inform broader implementation.

  • Virtual Walk - Through (PDF 314 KB)

    The partnership conducted a virtual walk-through of the three systems to identify practice and values issues that presented opportunities for strengthening collaborative policies and practices.

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