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Squaxin Island NCSACW partnered with the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) in Round 2 to provide culturally responsive IDTA to the Squaxin Island Tribe in the state of Washington. They utilized the program to develop effective cross-system collaboration between the Tribe’s HHS Family Services Division Indian Child Welfare (ICW), the Northwest Indian Treatment Center (NWITC) and the Public Safety and Justice Department (Tribal Court). The team identified building and sustaining institutional knowledge for systems collaboration as their top priority. In addition, building strong relationships with tribal council members, while perhaps not a tangible “product,” was identified as a critical strategy and primary focus in order to facilitate sustainable collaboration among the key stakeholders.

The team’s success in accomplishing this is was manifested in formal recognition of the Core Team at a Tribal Council meeting near the end of the process. The Council subsequently endorsed the creation of a multidisciplinary “Family Wellness Team” to collaboratively manage child welfare cases and facilitate utilization of the products developed during the technical assistance.

To support this, training was provided to all tribal system staff, based on the following materials developed to for these training events:  

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