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Minnesota Minnesota utilized IDTA to launch the State Supreme Court’s Children’s Justice Initiative Alcohol and Other Drugs (CJI-AOD) Workgroup to enhance the capacity of the lead entities to further develop cross-systems partnerships and improve practices related to serving families with substance abuse problems in the child welfare system.

A hallmark of Minnesota’s work was their commitment to ensuring that parents were represented in the process and given a legitimate role in shaping the outcomes identified for the technical assistance. To wit, each lead entity contributed resources to contract with a Parent Partner who coordinated a series of regional focus groups with recovering parents who had a history of involvement with child welfare and the courts, and subsequently developed a number of collateral products to facilitate future parent partner involvement. These included a Parent Partner Handbook with Job Description; a Focus Group Summary Report, and a Parent Partner/Recovery Mentor Model Research Summary Report. Minnesota’s CJI-AOD Workgroup took advantage of the optional post-IDTA follow-up support to develop:

  • An evaluation plan to measure outcomes that result from Tool Kit implementation;
  • A training and technical assistance plan to support phased roll-out of the Tool Kit.
  • A Tool Kit maintenance checklist for ensuring that the Tool Kit is kept up-to-date.

For more information, Children's Justice Initiative Alcohol and Other Drugs Project

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