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Arkansas Arkansas’ goals through the IDTA Program were:

  • to raise awareness of the need for and value of cross-system collaborations,
  • gain an understanding of local level perceptions of barriers and input on strategies to address these, and
  • promote interest and generate support for system and practice change.

To this end, they developed the following products:

  • Family Risk Assessment

    Additionally, IDTA supported Arkansas in revising their Family Risk Assessment tool to incorporate screening for substance use disorders, and allow for cross-system information sharing in order to improve families’ earlier access to treatment services. Another important accomplishment, while not a specific product or an originally defined objective in the site’s Scope of Work, is the joint commitment of the three lead entities to fund a new staff position, housed in the Division of Child and Family Services. This position will be responsible for coordinating the continued collaborative activities of the Core Team and ensuring that their longer-term goals come to fruition, is expected to be positioned at manager-level status in order to allow access to the administration.

  • Interagency Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 14 KB)

    Seen as a significant achievement that will foster new linkages that benefit families in the child welfare system by making new resources available related to treatment and employment services.

  • Practice protocol

    Recommends family-centered, cross-system teaming at the local level for screening, assessment, retention and engagement of families involved in the child welfare system who have familial substance use or disorders.

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