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Project Description

Nebraska The Nebraska Children Affected by Methamphetamine (CAM) Project serves parents and children participating in a Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC). Also known as Project Safe Start – Nebraska, the CAM Project enhances the mental health and case management services provided through six FTDCs; three in Douglas County, two in Sarpy County and one in Lancaster County. The cornerstone of the CAM project in all six courts is Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) and services include:

  • Child-Parent Psychotherapy – a clinical intervention for young children (0-5 years) who have experienced at least one traumatic event and, as a result, are experiencing behavior, attachment, and/or mental health problems. CPP focuses on the relationship between the child and parent and includes an in-depth assessment of the child’s behavior and attachment to the parent. The primary goal of CPP is to support and strengthen the relationship between a child and parent as a vehicle for restoring the child’s sense of safety, attachment and appropriate affect and improving the child’s cognitive, behavioral and social functioning. The relationship between the parent and child is the focus throughout;
  • Case Management – including coordination of services with child welfare.

Target Population

This project serves families in the eastern Nebraska cities of Omaha, Lincoln and Papillion with a total population of 690,000. Services are provided to children ages 0-5 whose parents are in Family Drug Courts (FDCs) in Douglas, Lancaster and Sarpy Counties.

Major Program Goals

  • All young children are clinically evaluated to determine emotional, social, and cognitive functioning, the quality of their relationship with their parent(s), and whether there is a need for intervention;
  • Children who have difficulties or delays in their emotional, social, and cognitive functioning are provided or referred to appropriate interventions;
  • Timely and relevant information regarding children's well-being, the quality of the parent-child relationship, and permanency considerations that are sensitive to the child's developmental needs are provided to the FTDC;
  • Expand or develop high quality evidence based mental health services for children under age five in Douglas, Lancaster and Sarpy Counties.

Partner Agencies and Organizations

Project Safe Start – Nebraska includes the following partners:

Child Welfare

  • Nebraska Families Collaborative
  • Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Substance Abuse

  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Heartland Family Service
  • St. Monica's Behavioral Health Services


  • Lancaster County Family Drug Court
  • Douglas County Family Drug Courts
  • Sarpy County Family Drug Courts

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Legal and Related Organizations

  • Nebraska Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Court/Probation

Mental Health

  • Heartland Family Service
  • St. Monica's Behavioral Health Services
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • CEDARS Youth Services
  • Child Guidance Center
  • Child Saving Institute

Other Partners

  • The Center on Children, Families and the Law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Performance Indicators

CAM grantees are measuring their performance on outcomes for children, adults and families. Project Safe Start – Nebraska bi-annually provides data on the following 18 performance indicators.

Child/Youth Indicators

  • Children remain at home
  • Occurrence of child maltreatment
  • Average length of stay in foster care
  • Re-entries to foster care placement
  • Timeliness of reunification
  • Timeliness of permanency
  • Prevention of substance-exposed newborn
  • Connection to supportive services
  • Improved child well-being

Adult Indicators

  • Access to substance abuse treatment
  • Retention in treatment
  • Substance use
  • Connection to supportive services
  • Employment
  • Criminal behavior

Family/Relationship Indicators

  • Improved parenting
  • Family relationships and functioning
  • Risk and protective factors

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  • Lead Agency:
    Administrative Office of the Courts/ Nebraska Supreme Court
  • Geographic Area and Congressional District Served:
  • Lancaster County - Congressional District 1; Douglas and Sarpy Counties – Congressional District 2
  • Federal Grant:
  • $1.48 million/4 years
  • Evaluation Design:
  • Pre-post design, treatment group only; local evaluation comparison to overall child welfare population
  • Proposed Number Served (4 Years):
    Children: 204, Adults: 138
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