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Project Description

Washington The Clark County Children Affected by Methamphetamine (CAM) project, known as Enhanced Services provides family-centered services to participants in the Family Treatment Court-Striding Towards Excellent Parenting (FTC-STEP) program. The program uses results of in-depth neuro-psychological testing to better understand behavioral strengths and needs of the children and parents and then to identify appropriate and needed services. Key components of the Enhanced Services include:

  • Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS) – In-depth neuro-psychological testing for parents. The psychologist who conducts the tests and analyzes the results attends FDC team and parent staffing meetings to offer insight into parent behaviors, skills and needs for support;
  • COACHES – Enhanced Model – neuro-cognitive behavioral intervention and service coordination to support a therapeutic recovery process for children;
  • Parent training programs – Multiple parenting programs are available and provided based on the specific needs of the family. Options include Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), Incredible Years, Circles of Security;
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) – treatment for young children with emotional and behavioral disorders that focuses on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship. PCIT includes both child and parent directed interactions, strategies for safe and effective discipline and development of new behaviors and communication skills.

Target Population

This project serves families and children in Vancouver, Washington and other towns in Clark County which is located on the Columbia River and has a population of 440,000. Services are provided to children ages 0-17 whose parents are participating in Family Treatment Court – Striding Towards Excellent Parenting (FTC-STEP).

Major Project Goals

  • Monitor needs and progress of children through testing and ongoing evaluation;
  • Promote parental abstinence from methamphetamine, other drugs and alcohol;
  • Create a home environment that promotes child safety and stability;
  • Improve the parenting skills with education and personalized instruction;
  • Promote healthy family functioning and improve family relationships;
  • Teach parents problem-solving skills and appropriate interactions with children;
  • Motivate parental participation in the treatment intervention services through the FTC-STEP enhancement program.

Partner Agencies and Organizations

The Clark County Family Treatment Court — Striding Toward Excellent Parenting Program includes the following partners:

Child Welfare

  • Children's Center
  • Children's Home Society
  • Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Substance Abuse

  • Clark County Department of Community Services
  • Lifelines Connections
  • Substance Abuse and Advisory Board (SAAB)


  • Clark County Family Treatment Court
  • Clark County Superior Court
  • Clark County Public Defender’s Office

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Legal and Related Organizations

  • Washington State Attorney General's Office
  • Clark County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Other Community and Child and Family Services

  • Children’s Home Society
  • Washington State Division of Child Support (DCS)

Performance Indicators

CAM grantees are measuring their performance related to outcomes for children and adults. The Clark County Family Treatment Court — Striding Toward Excellent Parenting - Enhanced Services Project bi-annually provides data on the following 18 performance indicators.

Child/Youth Indicators

  • Children remain at home
  • Occurrence of child maltreatment
  • Average length of stay in foster care
  • Re-entries to foster care placement
  • Timeliness of reunification
  • Timeliness of permanency
  • Prevention of substance-exposed newborn
  • Connected to supportive services
  • Improved child well-being

Adult Indicators

  • Access to substance abuse treatment
  • Retention in treatment
  • Reduced substance use
  • Connected to supportive services
  • Employment
  • Criminal behavior

Family/Relationship Indicators

  • Improved parenting
  • Family relationships and functioning
  • Risk and protective factors

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  • Lead Agency:
    Clark County Department of Community Services
  • Geographic Area and Congressional District Served:
    Clark County, WA; Congressional District 3
  • Federal Grant :
    $1.48 million/ 4 years
  • Evaluation Design, Comparison Group Type and Treatment Received:
    Quasi-experimental, concurrent matched comparison group
  • Proposed Number Served (4 Years):
    Children : 136
    Adults: 78
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