Learn about the latest research and empirical studies on best practices for families affected by substance use disorders and child welfare involvement.

Literature Reviews & Abstracts

Child Welfare, Substance Abuse Disorders and Dependency Courts: A Cross-System Annotated Bibliography
Identifies the major literature in the field of cross-system issues involving child welfare, substance use disorders, and dependency courts. It is organized in 5 major topic areas with sub topic areas, and the time frame is from January 2000 through December 2014.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute

Subject bibliographies related to substance abuse and child welfare from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI) at the University of Washington. References in ADAI bibliographies are from the ADAI Library database, which includes citations to items in the library collection. Call numbers provided for books and chapters refer to the ADAI Library only. The Family Issues section covers the following topics:

    • Child Abuse and Substance Abuse
    • Parenting by Substance Abusers

Five National Reports on the Substance Abuse–Child Welfare Linkage

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