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Joint Accountability and Shared Outcomes

Joint accountability and shared outcomes should be addressed by the collaborative because jointly developed outcomes can guide the work of the collaborative and are critical to demonstrate that the collaborative has achieved interagency agreement on desired results. Without such an agreement, each of the partners is likely to continue measuring its own progress as it always has, using only the outcomes that the agency is accustomed to.

CFSR/PIP Review Children’s Bureau Child and Family Services Reviews Fact Sheet
The Children's Bureau has summarized the basic process of the Child and Family Services Reviews at the Federal and State levels and the development of the Program Improvement Plan that emerges from that process.

A Review of Alcohol and Drug Issues in the States' Child and Family Service Reviews and Program Improvement Plans-November 2005 (PDF 463 KB)
Assessment of the CFSRs that had been completed as of November 2005 reviewed the references to alcohol and drug issues in the states' documents.

Do drug treatment services predict reunification outcomes of mothers and their children in child welfare?
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Volume 36, Issue 3, April 2009, Pages 278-293
Christine E. Grella, Barbara Needell, Yifei Shi and Yih-Ing Hser

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