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Information Sharing and Data Systems

Group of people conversing Shared information systems should be addressed by the collaborative because these are the prerequisites for joint accountability. Joint information systems, which form the basis of communicating across systems, must be used to track progress toward joint goals and to determine whether joint outcomes are achieved. Without the effective communication and sharing of information the partnership will have no guideposts to gauge its programs’ effectiveness.

Intro to Cross-System Data Sources in Child Welfare, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Courts (PDF 1.1 MB)

This guide describes the primary data-reporting systems used in the child welfare, alcohol and other drug services, and court systems. The document describes 15 data-reporting systems, including 8 child welfare systems, 5 alcohol and other drug service systems, 2 initiatives to implement a national data reporting system in the courts, and 1 enterprise health information system for data on American Indian and Alaska Native families.

Information Sharing Examples

Information Sharing and Data Systems – State Examples

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