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Family-Centered Treatment

Relationships with family and children play an important role in substance use disorder treatment and recovery. The majority of adults entering treatment have children, and these children are at high risk of child abuse and neglect, developmental problems, and adolescent substance misuse. Therapeutic services for the entire family and enhanced parenting knowledge improve treatment, recovery, and well-being outcomes for these families. When whole families are treated, outcomes for each individual member improve.

Comprehensive family-centered treatment addresses the biopsychosocial-spiritual nature of substance use disorders as they affect the entire family. Family-centered treatment is most effective when it is:

  • Based on the unique needs and resources of individual families;
  • Comprehensive and culturally responsive;
  • Gender and age responsive;
  • Dynamic to address complex, evolving family needs;
  • Supportive of the creation of healthy family systems and
  • Coordinated across multiple systems
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