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Budgeting and Program Sustainability

Building Budgeting and program sustainability should be addressed by the collaborative, since tapping the full range of funding resources available to a state or community is the only way to develop multi-year stability for innovative approaches.

White Paper on Funding Comprehensive Services for Families with Substance Use Disorders in Child Welfare and Dependency Courts (PDF - 175 KB)
Outlines fiscal issues that affect the ability of programs to provide the comprehensive services needed by children and families affected by substance abuse, outlines the concept of unified fiscal planning, and briefly describes the Federal sources of funding for child welfare and alcohol and drug services as well as several other sources of funds for services for children and adolescents.

Family-Centered Treatment for Women (PDF - 2.16 MB)
The companion Funding Family Centered-Treatment for Women (PDF - 175 KB) assists treatment providers and State substance abuse agencies to identify and access potential sources of funding for comprehensive family-centered treatment. These papers were developed in 2008. They are not current with recent developments, including the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of home visiting and early childhood programs. Updates to these papers are currently being drafted.

Ensuring Sustainability for Drug Courts: An Overview of Funding Strategies (PDF - 1.02 MB)
Assist courts in creating a sustainability plan that moves past initial implementation into long-term viability.

Developing and Supporting Continuum of Child Welfare Services, 2004
Identifies strategies for coordinating child welfare funding and services with the funding and services of other key state agencies to support a more coherent continuum of care for at-risk children and families.

Budgeting and Program Sustainability – State Examples

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