This section provides the latest child welfare services and substance use treatment statistics and research literature related to families affected by substance use disorders and involvement with child welfare services.

  • Statistics

    • Child Welfare and Treatment Statistics
      Prevalence of Parental Alcohol or Drug Abuse as an Identified Condition of Removal in the United States, 2019
      Parental Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse as an Identified Condition or Removal by State, 2019

      This section provides a series of graphs and charts displaying child welfare and treatment statistics. These graphs are derived from national datasets and are updated yearly upon the release of new data.

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  • Interactive Bibliography Search

    • The Interactive Bibliography is a searchable platform for individual citations identified in the field of cross-system issues involving child welfare, substance use disorders, and family treatment and dependency courts. The citations are searchable by topical keyword, author, title, date, or publication. Citations can also be exported through Microsoft Excel format. The bibliography is updated regularly and contains citations through June 2020.

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