Presentations and Publications on Methamphetamine

The table lists presentations and publications on Methamphetamine found throughout the NCSACW website. These materials support substance abuse treatment, child welfare and family court professionals in working together more effectively for the benefit of families. You can increase the number of items shown in the table at one time and filter one column at a time by selecting the arrow for ascending or descending order. Entering text in the search box immediately starts adjusting the table contents that match the text as it is entered; you can search any column from this search box.

Expanding Services to Children and Families in Family Drug Courts: Lessons Learned from the Children Affected by Methamphetamine Grant Program
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2013-10Atlanta, GAPhil Breitenbucher, Erin HallThe Association for Addictions Professional (NAADAC) Annual Conference
Research Report Series: Methamphetamine (NIH Publication Number 13-4210)
(PDF 1.99 KB)
2013-09National Institute on Drug AbusePublication
Expanding Services to Children and Families in Family Drug Courts: Lessons Learned from the Children Affected by Methamphetamine Grant Program
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2013-09Anaheim, CAChad Rodi, Russ BermejoNational Conference on Addiction Disorders
Expanding Services to Children and Families in Family Drug Courts: Lessons Learned from the Children Affected by Methamphetamine Grant Program
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2013-07Washington, DCPhil Breitenbucher, Erin Hall, Chad RodiNational Association of Drug Court Professionals 19th Annual Training Conferences
Methamphetamine/Dextroamphetamine and Pregnancy
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2013-06Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)Publication
The Regional Partnership Grant (RPG) Program: Enhancing Collaboration, Promising Results
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2012-09Irvine, CASharon Boles, Nancy K Young, Ph.D. - Project Director, NCSACW, Kimberly Dennis, Ken DeCerchioPublication
Targeted Grants to Increase the Well-Being of, and to Improve the Permanency Outcomes for, Children Affected by Methamphetamine or Other Substance A
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Methamphetamine Abuse in Women of Reproductive Age
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2011-03Washington, DCAmerican Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Committee on Health Care for Underserved WomenPublication
Methamphetamine: The National Summit to Promote Public Health, Partnerships, and Safety for Critically Affected Populations (SMA) 11-4647
(PDF 1.85 MB)
2011Rockville, MDSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services AdministrationPublication
Parental Substance Use and Foster Care: Evidence from Two Methamphetamine Supply Shocks
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2010-09New Orleans, LATulane University, Scott Cunningham, Keith FinlayPublication
Three-Year Methamphetamine Grant Coming to a Close: Northern Counties Share Lessons Learned
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2010CASusan Brooks, Northern California Training AcademyPublication
Creating Shared Outcomes among Child Welfare, Treatment, and Other Critical Services: The Challenge of Meth
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2009-10Providence, RISid GardnerState Town Hall Meeting
Methamphetamine and Indian Child Welfare
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2008-06Yakama Nation, WANadja JonesHope and Healing Conference
Meth: What's Cooking In Your Neighborhood?
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2008-02Rockville, MDThis is a power point presentation that provides a brief overview on methamphetamine, including effects on the individual and impact on the community
Meth Use Has Many Costs
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2008-01San Diego, CASan Diego Association of Governments Criminal Justice Research DivisionPublication
Work aid - 4 - Protocol for CPS investigations involving methamphetamine
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2007-12TNTennessee Department of Children’s ServicesPublication
The Meth Epidemic The Changing Demographics of Methamphetamine
(PDF 318.65 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2007-08Washington, DCPublication
Preventing amphetamine-type stimulant use among young people: A policy and programming guide
(PDF 996 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2007-07New York, NYUnited Nations Office on Drugs and CrimePublication
Methamphetamine Use and the Impact on Child Welfare
(PDF 381 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2007-04Nashville, TNNancy K YoungVanderbilt University Media Fellowship, Meth Rescue: Meth’s Effects on Children, Families and the Foster Care System
Clandestine Drug Lab General Cleanup Guidance
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2007-04MNMinnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyPublication
Methamphetamine Treatment: A Practitioner's Reference
(PDF 3.09 MB)
2007Sacramento, CACalifornia Department of Alcohol and Drug ProgramsPublication
In-depth Summary of the Child and Family Services Improvement Act of 2006SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page2007-01Washington, DCTiffany Conway, Rutledge Q. HutsonPublication
Perceptions of Methamphetamine Use in Three Western Tribal Communities: Implications for Child Abuse in Indian CountrySAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page2007-01Washington, DCR. Bubar, M. Winokur, W. BarlemayPublication
Methamphetamine Addiction, Treatment, and Outcomes: Implications for Child Welfare Workers
(PDF 400 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2006-04Irvine, CACathleen Otero, Sharon Boles, Dr. Nancy K Young - Executive Director, Children and Family Futures, Kim DennisPublication
Methamphetamine and Child Welfare: Trends, Lessons and Practice Implications
(PDF 1.15 MB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2006-03Washington, DCSharon Amatetti, Nancy K Young, Jay WurscherChild Welfare League of America National Conference
Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) Highlights-2005: National Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment Services
(PDF 380 KB)
2006Rockville, MDSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied StudiesPublication
Addiction treatment for methamphetamine users: A qualitative survey of selected service providers
(PDF 202 KB)
2005-08New York, NYR. B. Smith, Robert J. GallatiPublication
The Governor's Task Force on Methamphetamine Abuse: Final ReportSAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page2004-09TNThe Governor’s Task Force on Methamphetamine AbusePublication
Methamphetamine in Illinois: Examination of an Emerging Drug
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2003-01Chicago, ILRobert W. BauerPublication
Responding to Methamphetamine: Washington State's Promising Example
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2002-09Washington, DCNational Crime Prevention Council and Drug Enforcement AdministrationPublication
The Brain's Response to Methamphetamine
(PDF 740 KB)
2000Rockville, MDPublication
Methamphetamine: Abuse and Addiction
(PDF 1,688 KB)
1998-04National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug AbusePublication
Training Required to Sell Drug Products Containing Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, and Phenylpropanolamine
(PDF 527 KB)
U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement AdministrationPublication
Meth360(R) Information Kit
(PDF 299 KB)
PACT360, Partnership at Drugfree.orgPublication