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Presentations and Publications on Research, Fact Sheets, Statistics

The table lists presentations and publications on Research, Fact Sheets, Statistics found throughout the NCSACW website. These materials support substance abuse treatment, child welfare and family court professionals in working together more effectively for the benefit of families. You can increase the number of items shown in the table at one time and filter one column at a time by selecting the arrow for ascending or descending order. Entering text in the search box immediately starts adjusting the table contents that match the text as it is entered; you can search any column from this search box.

Child Welfare, Substance Abuse Disorders and Dependency Courts: A Cross-System Annotated Bibliography
(PDF 1.6 MB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
No Safe Haven: Children of Substance-Abusing Parents
(PDF 989 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Foster Care: Agencies Face Challenges Securing Stable Homes for Children of Substance Abusers (GAO/HEHS-98-182)
(PDF 1.2 MB)
1998-09Washington, DCPublication
Healing the Whole Family: A Look at Family Care Programs
(PDF 39 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Research Studies on the Prevalence of Substance Use Disorders in the Child Welfare Population
(PDF 284 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Special Issues during Pregnancy
(PDF 286 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
The Extent of People’'s Involvement with Alcohol and Drug Services, Child Welfare Services, and the Dependency Court Across Systems
(PDF 284 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
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