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Presentations and Publications on Drug Testing in Child Welfare

The table lists presentations and publications on Drug Testing in Child Welfare found throughout the NCSACW website. These materials support substance abuse treatment, child welfare and family court professionals in working together more effectively for the benefit of families. You can increase the number of items shown in the table at one time and filter one column at a time by selecting the arrow for ascending or descending order. Entering text in the search box immediately starts adjusting the table contents that match the text as it is entered; you can search any column from this search box.

Practice Guidelines: Drug Testing
(PDF 54KB)
Guidelines for Identifying Substance-Exposed Newborns
(PDF 888KB)
Drug Testing: A White Paper of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
(PDF 836KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Chapter 9: Drug Testing in TIP 43: Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treatment Programs
Behavior Modification 101 for Drug Courts: Making the Most of Incentives and Sanctions
(PDF 919KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Drug Testing Practice Bench Card
(PDF 401 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Drug Testing White Paper
(PDF 109 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
The National Drug Court Institute's (NDCI) Benchbook Chapter 6: The Fundamentals of Drug Testing
(PDF 330KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Revisions Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs
(PDF 245.3 KB)
2010-10Washington, DCPublication
Drug Testing in Child Welfare¬ó-Definitions and Terms
(PDF 92 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2010Rockville, MDPublication
Drug Testing in Child Welfare: Practice and Policy Considerations
(PDF 904 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2010Rockville, MDPublication
Sacramento County, CA Drug Testing Policy - Drug Testing in Child Welfare: Practice and Policy Considerations, Appendices
(PDF 321.4 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2010Rockville, MDPublication
Drug Testing Reference Tables for Drug Courts
(PDF 22KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Components of a Drug-Free Workplace
(PDF 23.35 MB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2008-03Washington, DCPublication
Screening and Assessment for Family Engagement, Retention, and Recovery (SAFERR)
(PDF 2.96 MB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
2007Rockville, MDPublication
Urine Drug Concentrations: The Scientific Rationale for Eliminating the Use of Drug Test Levels in Drug Court Proceedings
(PDF 2.47MB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
Drug Testing in a Drug Court Environment: Common Issues to Address
(PDF 156KB)
Integrating Drug Testing Into a Pretrial Services System: 1999 Update
(PDF 436.6 KB)
RSVP Drug Screening Protocol
(PDF 90 KB)SAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page
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