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Child Welfare Training Toolkit

Module 3 Materials

Understanding Mental Disorders, Treatment and Recovery


Module 3 educates child welfare professionals about mental disorders and treatment. It provides in-depth information and learning opportunities designed to support child welfare professionals in working with diverse families affected by mental disorders.

Learning Objectives

After completing Module 3, child welfare professionals will have an understanding of the following topics:

  • Spectrum/types of mental disorders
  • Signs and symptoms of potential mental disorders
  • Culturally appropriate screening tools for determining if a further comprehensive assessment by mental health professional is needed
  • Impact of trauma (early childhood and other) on mental health of parents
  • Impact of stressful life events on mental health of parents
  • Link between mental disorders and suicide and other violent behavior
  • Models of treatment, cultural competency in treatment and management of mental disorders
  • Effects of mental disorders on interpersonal relationships and family dynamics, care of children, etc.
    • Isolation
    • Negative social network
    • Poor parenting skills
    • Endangering behaviors
  • Recovery from mental disorders