Presentations and Publications on Substance-Exposed Infants

The table lists presentations and publications on Substance-Exposed Infants found throughout the NCSACW website. These materials support substance abuse treatment, child welfare and family court professionals in working together more effectively for the benefit of families. You can increase the number of items shown in the table at one time and filter one column at a time by selecting the arrow for ascending or descending order. Entering text in the search box immediately starts adjusting the table contents that match the text as it is entered; you can search any column from this search box.

Substance-Exposed Infants: State Responses to the Problem
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2013-02Rockville, MDCathleen Otero, Nancy K Young, Ph.D. - Project Director, NCSACW, Sidney L Gardner, MPA - Senior Policy Advisor, NCSACWPublication
The Impact of Prenatal Substance Exposure on Children and Adolescents
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2012-09Anaheim, CAErin TelfordFamily Drug Courts: A National Symposium to Improve Family Recovery, Safety and Stability
Baby Steps: Caring for Babies with Prenatal Substance Exposure
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2011-09Vancouver Coastal Region Safe Babies Program, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Coast Fraser Region, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services SocietyPublication
The Future of Policy and Practice for Substance Exposed Infants and ChildrenSAMHSA Exit Disclaimer Page2011-09National Harbor, MDSid Gardner, Ira ChasnoffPutting the Pieces Together: The National Conference on Substance Abuse and the Courts
Substance Exposed Newborns: Nature of the Problem and State of the Field
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2010-06Washington, DCLinda CarpenterNational Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center: Substance Exposed Infants-Collaborative Approaches to a Complex Issue Summit
Responding to Prenatal Exposure: The Potential for Policy and Practice Changes
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2009-09Denver, COSid GardnerState Methamphetamine Task Force and Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children Work Session to Address the Issue of Substance-Exposed Newborn
Prenatal Substance Exposure
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2008-04Berkeley, CANational AIA Resource CenterPublication
Virginia Perinatal Substance Use: Promoting Healthy Outcomes - Virginia Legal Requirements and Health Care Practice Implications for Hospitals ...
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2008-04Richmond, VAVirginia Department of Social ServicesPublication
Substance Exposed Babies in Orange County 2007 Prevalence Study
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2008-01Orange County, CAPublication
Substance-Exposed Infants: Current Issues and Responses
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2007Nancy K Young, Ph.D. - Project Director, NCSACW, Sid GardnerPublication
Substance Exposed Infants: Noteworthy Policies & Practices
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2006-09Berkeley, CANational Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource CenterPublication
Substance-Exposed Infants: Policy and Practice
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2006-06Arlington, VANancy K YoungChildren’s Bureau Meeting of States and Tribes
Virginia Perinatal Substance Use Statistics and Funding
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Special Issues during PregnancySAMHSA Exit Disclaimer PagePublication
Improving Treatment for Drug-Exposed Infants Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 5
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Rockville, MDStephen R Kandall - M.D.Publication
Caring for Babies Who Have Been Exposed to Drugs or Alcohol
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Sacramento , CANurse Family PartnershipPublication