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NCSACW Special Topic Meetings

Researchers Forum: Developing Knowledge to Improve Outcomes for Families with Substance Use Disorders in the Child Welfare or Family Court Systems - December 10-11, 2003, Washington, DC

NCSACW hosted an invitational researcher forum with three primary goals:

  1. To access current research-based knowledge relevant to the mandates of the NCSACW;
  2. To facilitate the development of a network of researchers who will expand their efforts to share findings and work together on lessons learned, strategies to overcome research barriers, and improved research methods focused on the target population of NCSACW's work; and
  3. To help shape a national research agenda for future activities by identifying research gaps and making recommendations on future research efforts.

Below we have posted the Researchers Forum Agenda, Proceedings, various PowerPoint presentations and related conference materials.

Researchers Forum Agenda (PDF - 1.0 MB)

Researchers Forum Proceedings (PDF - 78 KB)

Overview of Current Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment Research, presented by Christine Grella, Ph.D., Research Psychologist, Integrated Substance Abuse Program, University of California, Los Angeles (PDF - 316 KB)

Overview of Current Issues in Child Welfare Services Research, presented by Richard Barth, Ph.D., Frank A. Daniels Distinguished Professor for Human Services Policy Information, University of North Carolina, School of Social Work (PDF - 93 KB)

Highlights from the Retrospective Phase of the Cross-site Evaluation of Family Drug Treatment Court, presented by Nancy K. Young, Ph.D., Children and Family Futures; Director, National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (PDF - 710 KB)

An Update from the National Institute on Drug Abuse Update, presented by Jerry Flanzer, Ph.D., Senior Social Scientist, National Institute on Drug Abuse (PDF - 240 KB)

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention National Registry of Effective Programs, presented by Gale Held, MPA, Director, SAMHSA Model Programs Dissemination Project, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (PDF - 10.5 MB)

Panel Discussion on Evaluations of the Substance Abuse Title IV-E Waivers
Dorothy Dillard, Ph.D. - Delaware
(PDF - 17 KB)

Glenda Kaufman Kantor, Ph.D. - New Hampshire (PDF - 772 KB)